Mother Love Knows How Serious Diabetes Is

May 15th, 2009
Mother Love

Mother Love

Mother Love , who lost over 100 pounds and has improved her diabetes management through hard choices and healthy lifestyle changes, knows how serious diabetes is.  But the most difficult part of her personal journey really has nothing to do with her. In a recent interview for Lee Bailey’s Eur Web, Mother Love said “the hardest thing ‘about diabetes’ is getting the people in the community to realize just how serious this disease is. It’s a battle every single day.”
Mother Love attributes  the devastating statistics regarding diabetes complications to distrust “of the medical industry.”
I couldn’t agree with her more. 
But if we pull away from the help that is available to us – if we don’t learn to trust the people who are trying to provide us care, then we’re condemning ourselves to a continued history of poor health. Our community can’t afford that.
When it comes to care, if  you’re not a health-care professional yourself, you have to put yourself in the hands of the experts. But that doesn’t mean you do so blindly. It’s a matter of having faith but also being wise.
The first step is to go within to see if you can figure out the origin of your discomfort or mistrust. Have you always disliked doctors’ offices? Are you afraid of being diagnosed?  Where did you pick up that fear? Are you haunted by stories of people who had bad experiences in the health-care system? If your fears and discomfort are getting in the way of seeking care, you may want to talk with your mental health counselor, your spiritual advisor or some other trusted person to help you face and overcome your fears.
Also, seek out care providers that you resonate with. If you just don’t like or trust your doctor, you’re less likely to make appointments, less likely to follow his instructions, and less likely to feel comfortable asking questions or pursuing the information you need. It can be tricky to switch docs, depending on your health-care plane, but if  your spirit isn’t connecting with the doctor you have, that’s a signal that you may need to look into making a change. Ask friends and colleagues to recommend a good, well-qualified doctor.  Go to the National Medical Association to find a doctor  in your area.
Ultimately, seeking care is an act of faith and a commitment to trust the person who is offering you care. In order to put yourself in someone’s hands, you may first have to say a prayer and do some meditation. Ask Spirit to send you to the people who can best help you take care of yourself. Be still and listen for the guidance that you can feel in your heart.  Act on the best advice of the people who have been sent to you offering good help. And trust that, ultimately, your care is in Good Hands.
Mother Love is starting a new campaign called “In the Spirit of Health” with Atena insurance company. She will speak in 100 churches in 100 days spreading the word about the seriousness of diabetes.

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