National Diabetes Month

November 7th, 2011

November has been set aside as National Diabetes Month - a time to bring awareness to the seriousness of diabetes. Of course as a reader of this blog you’re well aware of diabetes, what it is, how to manage it and even how to prevent it. If you’re not a regular reader please feel free to look through previous post to learn more about diabetes.

The one area that I’ve not blogged about is diabetes terminology. Listening to diabetes experts can be like hearing a foreign language. So, I invite you to  Living Well With Diabetes  on Facebook.  There you’ll find the definitions and pronunciations for all the diabetes terms you might have read on this blog or heard from your diabetes healthcare provider.

Then, last be not least, please read my interview with Mother Love on Mother Love, the co-host of dLiveTV granted me a very open and honest interveiw on her life with diabetes.

Are you Living Well with Diabetes? Mother Love didn’t have positive role models for Living Well with Diabetes – but you can be a role model for readers of this blog. Share your story here!!

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