Test! Don’t Guess

July 27th, 2011

Test! Don’t Guess – that was the rallying call at Walmart’s new Health and Wellness Stage at the Essence Music Festival July 1 – 3.

Mother Love and I on the dLife Wellness Stage

Recognizing that one in two African Americans born in 2000 will develop diabetes, Walmart partnered with dLife and Johnson and Johnson to bring the fight against diabetes to the Essence Music Festival. What better place to empower African Americans to live healthier lifestyles and learn how to prevent and manage diabetes.

dLife, For Your Diabetes Life, the #1 diabetes lifestyle resource, pulled together the diabetes all stars that shared their personal stories of life with diabetes, provided tips for prevention of diabetes, and offered advice on how to live well with diabetes. Test! Don’t Guess was the mantra used by dLife to encourage attendees to take advantage of the free blood glucose screening offered onsite.

During the three days of the Health and Wellness Stage activities,   1255 attendees heeded the call – Test! Don’t Guess and were screened for diabetes.

If you have diabetes Test! Don’t Guess is particularly important for you as well. Testing helps you to see how certain foods, physical activities, and even stress levels may impact your blood glucose levels. It can also help you and your diabetes dream team understand how well your diabetes medication is working.

Generally, blood glucose should be checked two to four times a day, either before meals or two hours after meals and at bedtime. How often are you checking your blood glucose? Did you ever feel like your blood glucose was high, only to find out it was actually low? That’s why it’s so important to Test! Don’t Guess.

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